My Intention Was Not To Leave


Project Type: Short Film / Year: 2017 /Location: Athens, Greece

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Children, traveling alone, is a little talked about piece of the global refugees crisis that numbers more than 22 million people.  My Intention Was Not To Leave follows the path of three lone refugee children as they choose to risk their lives to find a better future.  The circumstances that forced them to flee and the harrowing journey to Europe are but a piece of their past now that they have found safety and security in Greece.  While circumstances may not be perfect, they have the resilience and hope to look for a better tomorrow. 

They each know that an education will be their guarantee to never be victims again, but will the opportunities exist for them to make that a reality? 


Website: www.myintentionwasnottoleave.com


TO ENGAGE:  Screening series to begin first quarter 2018.

TO BUILD:  Pilot programs to roll out in five locations globally in late 2018.