People That Make It Happen




Nicole Riggs

Nicole founded Make It Happen to create transformational social change.  After a lifetime of working to support a variety of social issues, she is now utilizing her creative talents to engage individuals, policy makers and funders in building effective solutions.   Her background in project management and event production allows for multi-dimensional approaches to start the conversation, investigate the options and implement a new course of action.  She holds a BA in Public Policy from Goucher College and has completed additional coursework at New York University.


Key Collaborators

Each project we undertake allows us to work with passionate collaborators to produce engaging content.


Palu Abadia - Translator, Camera & Editor, My Intention Is (Colombia)

Palu Abadia is a Colombian-born filmmaker and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  She has worked as a director, cinematographer, and video editor for multiple international projects, including short and long format documentaries, educational projects and corporate videos. In 2016, she completed her first film, “Monologues in the Artist’s Studio,” and was awarded Best Documentary in Architecture and Design at the Master of Art Documentary Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently she is developing two projects: her second film, "Nowhere to Fall", a story about music, tradition, identity and female empowerment, and “My Intention Is” a documentary series about Colombian adolescents whose lives have been affected by forced displacement.


Codi Barbini DP & Editor, My Intention Was Not To Leave; DP, My Intention Is (Colombia)

Codi is a New York based artist and filmmaker. She received her formal education at Cal Arts and has since directed short documentaries, music videos, and commercials. She has exhibited at The Santa Monica Museum of Art and The Annenberg Space for Photography, as well as other museums and galleries throughout Los Angeles. Her interests focus on the human experience (through film, photography and writing) and she is currently in post-production on a long-form documentary about the Parkland school shooting.


Hanne Dalmut - Strategic Advisor, My Intention Was Not To Leave and My Intention Is

Hanne is the Director of Partnership Development at Concordia, a 501(c)3 dedicated to promoting partnerships for social impact. At Concordia, Hanne leverages Concordia’s programming, research and network to enable public-private partnerships that combat global challenges and achieve positive social impact. As Director, Hanne is in charge of identifying new campaigns and determining their strategic direction, partnering with leaders and stakeholders on specific campaign issues, and aligning campaigns with Concordia’s programming and research.  She earned her master’s from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Truman State University (Kirksville, MO).


Kristina Loggia - Director, My Intention Was Not To Leave

My Intention Was Not To Leave is Kristina's first film as Director.  She acted as Executive Producer with Erika Jonnatta on the films Wolves (2015) and 11:45 Holyoke (2016).  Film is a second career for Loggia, having worked as an award-winning photographer for many years.  Her photography has appeared in Time, New York Magazine, Telegraph, British Vogue, Spin, Fortune and other publications and is included in several personal art collections.  She won the Best of Photojournalism award from the National Press Photographers of American and was a finalist for the Dorthea Lange & Paul Taylor Prize.


Laurence Mathieu-Léger - DP & Editor, Empower Our Vets

Laurence is a producer of independent content and was until recently a senior video producer at the Guardian US.  Originally from Montreal Canada, she is an experienced visual innovator who’s applied her skill-set to a collection of enterprise and investigative projects for major news networks and publications such as Reuters, The Guardian, La Presse, TV5, the United Nations, CBS, Al Jazeera and the AFP, among others.  In addition, her work was recently featured at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City as part of the the special exhibition ¡Cuba!